Are You Familiar with Electric Longboards?

There are different types of electric Longboards, each of which offers a different kind of experience. These are essentially designed for various purposes and have slight variations in designs based on the purpose of use.

Some of the uses of Longboard skateboards include:

  • To skate at top speed down the hill
  •  To have a fun ride
  •  For transportation
  •  Easy maneuvering and portability by using carver Longboards

Working of the Electric Longboards

It is the electric engines that propel the electric Longboards, which is usually controlled using a remote, unlike the normal boards in which the rider has to use his or her weight to steer the board. A small 200-watt motor drives the electric longboards to reach the speed of up to 37kms per hour. The entire acceleration of the board is controlled by this wireless remote, and you can use your body weight to take the turns.

The entire control of brakes is done with the help of the handheld remote, which lets you use the trigger to slow down. These longboards are designed to conform to high safety standards, and the brake is made to be extremely firm and effective, irrespective of your speed. Nevertheless, this skateboard is not safe for kids under 14 years of age.

Riding Rate

Though the electric Longboards enable easy handling in small inclines and medium inclines, for steeper rides, the wattage has to be checked. Other factors to be considered for steeper rides include your weight, the steepness, the power of the motor, battery power, and the terrain. The wheels for the electric longboards are quite compatible with drive gears. The flywheels are around 76 to 77 mm.

These boards are totally waterproof and are designed for you to do little tricks like sliding without abusing the boards. They can take up to 100 kgs of weight.

Once you have acquired sufficient knowledge about electric longboards, make sure to choose the right shop to procure a good quality board that comes with the requisite guarantee.

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